Habs Oihan Guillamoundeguy validates PQ1

Habs Oihan Guillamoundeguy validates PQ1

The young Habs Oihan Guillamoundeguy completed the first of the 3 stages leading to the DP World Tour this week. Engaged in Portugal with 11 other French players, he is the only one to access PQ2 while waiting for the Hardelot golf meeting in early October.

Habs Oihan Guillamoundeguy, schedule

It’s a long marathon for players looking for a right to play on the DP World Tour or the Challenge Tour which started this month after two cancellations linked to the health crisis.

A first qualification phase (PQ1) began across Europe at the beginning of September with 9 sites selected. The second phase (PQ2) will take place at the beginning of November on 4 Spanish courses before the last qualified meet during the last formidable selective round over six rounds in Tarragona, still in Spain, in mid-November.

The format has not changed and the mission remains as difficult as ever. Last week therefore took place one of the 9 events of the PQ 1 in which several Frenchmen were engaged. In Portugal on the course of the Montado Hotel & Golf Resort, only one of the 12 tricolors is part of the 23 qualified.

This is the Landais of the France Boys team Oihan Guillamoundeguy (here in photo with René Darrieumerlou his coach and cadet for the occasion). For once, the Golf de Seignosse player, recent winner of the Jacques Léglise Trophy with Continental Europe, validated his ticket for the PQ2 from November 3 to 6.

At the beginning of the month Douglas Henry had failed at the Players Club of Bristol in England. The strongest tricolor colony will be to follow from October 4th to 7th at the Golf d’Hardelot. The European Tour was created by the Professional Golfers’ Association, based in England, and the responsibility for its management was transferred to the independent organization PGA European Tour in 1984.

Most of the tournaments on the three European Tour tours are takes place in Europe, but in recent years an increasing number of tournaments have also been organized in other parts of the world. The PGA European Tour is a player-controlled organization whose primary purpose is to maximize the financial income of professional players participating in tournaments.

It is a limited liability company run by professionals, but controlled by the players through a board composed of 12 members elected from past and present players, and a committee that oversees the tournaments of 14 active players.

Since 2007 the chairman of the board has been Neil Coles, while the chairman of the committee is Thomas Bjørn. Almost all tournaments are played in Western Europe and the most lucrative of these are those played in the UK, Ireland, Germany, France and Spain.

Only one tournament is held in Eastern Europe beyond the old Iron Curtain, the Russian Open. The PGA European Tour also organizes the Ryder Cup in collaboration with the PGA of America.

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