“I Do Not Want To Be Tiger Woods”: Lewis Hamilton Refused To Be Compared To Golf Legend Due To These Blatant Differences

“I Do Not Want To Be Tiger Woods”: Lewis Hamilton Refused To Be Compared To Golf Legend Due To These Blatant Differences

About ten years ago, Lewis Hamilton published a book entitled “Lewis Hamilton: My Story”. In his autobiography, the driver is extremely articulate and isn’t afraid to be candid. He walks us through his life through his own lens. His struggles, his thoughts, his vision. Sharing your life experiences is rather intimate, but Lewis didn’t shy away from that.


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In the book, Lewis talks about his time in The United States of America among other things. He digs into his time, eating street food and watching the Yankees play. He takes us through his journey to Washington, DC, and eventually to Indianapolis for the United States Grand Prix.


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After a few sponsors meets in New York And Washington, Lewis landed in Indianapolis and went straight to the track where he had a media conference. These media conferences happen with about four-five drivers prior to the race, he explained.

Sharing anecdotes about his history, Hamilton also encountered a few comparisons with the Golf Legend Tiger Woods. “It was an intensive session,” he claimed

As supposed to the questions, Hamilton replied, “Tiger Woods is one of the greatest golfers ever and has completely changed the way that his sport is perceived by millions of people. I was just a rookie driver who had won my first Grand Prix only a few days earlier – and I am certainly no threat to him as a golfer!”

“Of course, I think Tiger Woods is a sensational athlete and he is an honor to be compared to someone like him. But I do not want to be the Tiger Woods of motor racing – just being the Lewis Hamilton of motor racing will be cool enough for me.”

“I am completely different to Tiger Woods, but if I can have a similar impact on Formula One to that which he has had on golf, then I will be delighted. “


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With further thoughts on his golfing abilities, Hamilton added, “I can hit the ball, but not very consistently, and I refuse to have lessons because I have watched my dad’s friend Terry having lessons and his game is still worse than mine although he’d tell you different! Having said that, if I met Tiger Woods I would be happy to have lessons from him!”

Lewis Hamilton steps in a hero for an 8-year-old Ukrainian boy

The Seven-time world champion recently made a gesture that will stay with this young soul, Roman for a lifetime. Being the inspiration that he is, Lewis Hamilton is leaving a mark and giving meaning to this sport.

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – APRIL 01: Lewis Hamilton poses during the Signature talk “Being a Pilot” with Valentino Rossi at the IWC Schaffhausen booth at Watches and Wonders 2022 on April 01, 2022 in Geneva, Switzerland. (Photo by Remy Steiner/Getty Images for IWC)

As reported by Mirror, 8-year-old Roman had fled with his family from Ukraine amidst the country’s conflict with Russia and had found refuge in Poland. He is a massive F1 fan and aspires to be a driver just like Lewis Hamilton. As soon as Lewis learned about him, He sent him a little package.

It included a signed cap, F1 Monopoly, a replica of his helmet model, and a note from his Mercedes team hailing him as an “amazing supporter.”

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People who give hope are the reason we continue to dream. Roman would agree. Keeping the F1 spirit alive, here’s hoping the Singapore Grand Prix may finally be a game changer for Hamilton. So, do you think he has achieved his goal of being The Lewis Hamilton of motorsport yet?

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